Like "I agree the Dr. is a jackass. I know ministers in my community who are prominent and they are as far from being Christian as a rock. I worked at a hospital for patients needing spinal cord, head trauma, stroke and para/quadriplegic rehab. The Chief of Medicine was a doctor no one liked. He was arrogant, egotistical, smarter than anyone else in his field and never saw patients unless he was snowed in with the rest of the hospital staff. I wouldn't let him put a bandage on a dog. He thought the Patient Service Manager was adorable so he took money from out department to renovate her department. This was a State Hospital and when the State Auditors found out what he had done, he had to replace our funds. He then decided they could generate more money if he had doctors submit paper work to Medicare. One doctor quit and all but two refused. Before the paperwork was submitted he was discovered. Nope they did not fire him. The only thing he was good at was Kissing Butt of prominent people. He finally left and went to the larger hospital that took us over. He became Director of Thoracic Surgery. He had not operated since he kissed butt up the ladder. He has since died. No not everyone should be in the medical field. Filing your complaint may have made you feel good but they did nothing to the doctor. I would have said something to him and he would not have liked it. Animals in many cases are treated better because they can't speak for themselves and their owners will. People can speak for themselves yet when badly treated say nothing. "