Like "Howdy Sherelle That is wonderful news! Lowering the dose of any meds is a good thing IMO. I cannot speak directly to the Met issue as I was taken off Met in the hospital in 11/2006 when my kidneys quit working due to an acute kidney infection and I was placed on NPH insulin. I was on the NPH until 02/2011 when I discovered by accident (dropped and shattered my last vial of NPH and would be some time till I got it replaced) that my pancreas was producing enough insulin to manage my T2D if I ate very carefully. While I was on the NPH my A1c levels were anywhere from 6.5 to 6.1. When I managed my T2D by my meal plan alone, I regularly had A1c levels of 5.5. I believe you will be fine! God's best to you James"