Like "Kayadoo I know from working in a hospital that not all nurses are sweet an angelic. Some of them are the nastiest people on the planet. For some all the job is to them is a paycheck. My former boss is an RN. She has the compassion of a piece of wood and cannot stand anyone who is sick. She got out of the business of hospital care and started a non profit. Three hospitals fired her before she got enough money to go into business for herself after her divorce settlement. She was married to an abusive doctor who paid for her education including her Masters Degree. I actually changed vets because the vet was nasty. I cheered when she got arrested for not euthanizing a dog. I was in the office the day they brought the dog in because he was dying from cancer and the owners wanted the dog euthanized because he was suffering. A month later, the owners were driving past the vets office and saw her lifting the dog which was in a cage with a hydraulic lift into the back of her pickup truck. She kept the dog alive for a medical experiment. She lost her license, the company fired her and she went to jail for 5 years. The owner of the dog sued her and the Vet that owned the business. I fired her because she dragged my dog down the hall because he wasn't walking fast enough for her. I literally handed took her head off. The vet that owned the business took car of our baby until he passed away. "