Like "I know exactly how you feel, when our pug passed on after a full long life we were devastated, especially the kids, we had had her through all of both of their lives. A friend of ours that bred pugs offered us one but, the kids were against it because "all pugs look alike" and getting a new one would only remind them more of Penny. (This was their thoughts on it which amazed me at their young ages). A month or so later we got a call from this same breeder saying that someone had 2 boston terriers that were brothers that needed a home because the owner had suffered a stroke and could no longer take care of them. We made the call, visited with the family of the owner and met the dogs, 1 was very hyper and aggressive the other was more subdued, I told them I'd have to think about it and I'd call them back in a day or so. When we had decided that yes we could do this I called them, only to find out the more aggressive brother had gone to another family and that they didn't want the more subdued one and that now he was really lonely without his owner and his brother, so we went to get him. Well that turned out to be our blessing, Ike has been a lifesaver to me twice now when my BG was extremely low, he somehow sensed it both times and got in my face licking me and pawing at me, the 1st time when that didn't work he woke my husband (this was in the night around 3am) when Dean couldn't wake me he checked my sugar and it was 31! The second time was in the middle of the day and I got up from my desk and got light headed and down I went, he again did the face licking thing but I was awake and knew to check my BG it was 57. After the first incident I called the family of the owner and asked about Ike and explained what he had done, they explained that when they found the owner (sister) on the floor of her living room after having the stroke that Ike would not leave her alone he was in her face licking her and barking the entire time she lay that our daughter has been diagnosed and on medication I'm more thankful for Ike then ever, he may just be her lifesaver one day too. Sorry to have gone on and on, this is your post and about your happiness in this new little dog bringing joy to your household again, but it made me think of Ike and I just had to share. Hugs & Luv, Robin P.S. Yes my picture here is of Ike, my little miracle worker."