Like "I can actually give some advice here. I don't have a pump - so I'm not experienced in that particularly, however I am quite a seasoned meditation practitioner, and I think I have a few small exercises that could be quite beneficial for you. If you sit comfortably on the edge of a chair and take a few minutes to go from head to toe a few times - relaxing as many muscles as you can identify. Start with the top of your head, the muscles around your eyes, forehead, above and behind your ears, nostrils, lips, chin, neck, etc. Move on to your shoulders, back, abdomen, and continue on down until you get to your toes. Make sure to spend enough time on each muscle that you can feel that it is as relaxed and lose as possible. Do this a few times. In fact, for the more stressed people, it may take up to 10 repetitions before the muscles stop tightening right back up after you move your attention to a different area. Keep your eyes closed, and really enjoy the experience - try not to think of anything else but how nice it feels to have your whole body sitting in a fully relaxed state. Start off telling yourself in your mind that you feel great. Put a slight smile on and feel your heart swelling with happiness. This alone is an extremely calming and beneficial exercise. However, we can add a layer on for your particular situation. When you're at that sweet spot, nice and relaxed and just feeling happy and bright - think about switching sites as if it were a positive and rewarding experience. Picture the process, nice and slowly, and just re-write your response to the procedure. As you go over each movement and action in your mind, tell yourself, "this is easy, this is a good thing, I am relaxed, I actually enjoy this. This is something I need to do, this is helping me, and if it's helping me, it's making me happy." If you're a visual person, imagine that a soft relaxing white light is accompanying the process - and it's de-toxing the process from the anxiety and frustration. Just imagine the white removing the stress and fear from the procedure as you're performing it in your mind. Now - this isn't something that you get max benefit from the very first time. Don't get me wrong, you'll get quite a lot of benefit the first time, for sure - but if you practice this regularly, after a month or so, you'll notice a drastic change in how you react to changing sites. The last thing is, I would recommend doing from 10 to 30 minutes right before you change sites, as well as doing it at least once a day. Best times are either in the morning after you're awake, but still relaxed from sleep - or before bed time when you're nice and cozy for bed, but before you're so tired you're going to zonk out any second. Anyway - if you decide to try this, I'd be interested to hear how it goes for you :) Good luck!"