Like "I have had this many, many times before! It's really common! I always get nervous from thinking about if it will hurt or bleed, and then I sit there, just like you, taking as much time as I can with out That little sticky needle trying to poke at my nerves. I know it's really hard to finding good, painless places that don't have too many veins or nerves. Bruising is still a common occurrence for me even after 7 yrs with it! I'm not sure if they will work for you, and they will be a bit scary to try at first, but thy have been less painful for me and I've been able to ease off on the more painful and scarring places for a while: On top of your arm, not all the way on the fatty back of it Top of leg, but be careful of veins Higher and lower of stomach, and around sides On your bum...near the top though I know they sound quite scary, and it's different for everyone, but I learned I could put them all in these places from my t1d buddies from camps and such. I hope this helped even a bit!!! Good luck! -diabeetle"