Like "Hi Stephanie, I can relate to your anxiety when inserting your infusion set. I have been on the pump (Medtronic) for about 12 years and sometimes I both feel sorry for myself that "I have to stick this damn thing in me" or feel like "I really don't want to do this anymore." However, when considering the alternative (i.e., multiple daily injections of basal and bolus insulin as well as corresponding crappy A1c's) I just "suck it up!" Occasionally when inserting the needle for the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensor I do bleed like a stuck pig! It just depends upon what site I use, how deep the needle goes, and probably even the phase of the moon. If I knew the particular spots that result in "bleeders" I would most definitely avoid that spot. However, that has not happened. But just to let you know, you are not alone in the emotions you feel when needing to start a new infusion site. Probably, what gets me through it is by doing this (i.e., using the pump) my health will remain and I will be looking down at the flowers for a long time as opposed to looking up at them sooner than I want! Take care, good luck, and hang in there!"