Like "Howdy Red, I would guess that the orange you ate was one of those softball size navels or something like that. I have found that a small "clementine" orange doesn't shoot my Blood Glucose (BG) up all that dramatically. Not every person (in general) responds the same to the same inputs (foods, drinks, medications). Rather than give you a list of what raises my BG levels, I will give you a method of finding out which foods and drinks "plays nice" with YOUR specific metabolism. Please take a look at this ~ In there you will find links to nutrition sites which give you nutritional info and will also suggest serving sizes of many foods. You can then use that info and the methodology suggested in my discussion to find those things which "play nice" with your metabolism and what doesn't. It may seem like a lot of work. It is. It may seem like a lot of costly testing, it is, but I have found the extra cost of testing helpful to me in knowing what I can eat and what I would be better off to avoid, or if I really wanted to include it in my meal plan, how much of what could I really have. I pray you find this helpful James Baker "