Like "I have known this area of Wisconsin for all my life but have only just returned in 2001. I moved around a lot and that's how I knew my boyfriend. We just reconnected at our class reunion (All Class Reunion) he's 3 years older then myself and we've both been divorced. We both have grown kids as well. I have spent all my life in the Midwest as has he. I'm surprised he would be willing to move up here. My youngest daughter still lives with me; she's 24 and just graduated college. I'm on the west side of Wisconsin but have visited Door County and love the scenery there and all over. Steve and I absolutely love to travel and have been up to Bayfield and Duluth and along Lake Superior and the Mississippi/St. Croix Rivers. We have plans for a lot more traveling. I don't want to push him too hard but I want him to understand I can't worry about him all the time - not that I'll ever stop, but I would love to be assured that he is doing what he needs to live. I wonder if his ex-wives (2) never had the will to try to understand him or the disease. I also have been married twice so we relate to bad relationships. I was married 9 years the first and 23 years the second. His first wife left him for someone else and his second didn't want a relationship in the end and they lived separately for years at the end. He, like me had long term relationships that didn't last the sands of time, but both of us want that. We are both very religious and family oriented and we have grown to enjoy spending time with each of our families as they enjoy spending time with us. I see a promising future for us - hence would be why I want to understand this thing called Diabetes as best as I can and while he tries to give me his insight into it getting a little information and knowledge from someone on the outside is most helpful as well. Thank you so much for your life history and any continued knowledge you may share. I appreciate it more then you know. I've said it before on here but anything your wife may want to add would be appreciated as well. Thank you, Kim"