Like "Some diabetes meds do give you diarrhea. Are you on Metformin? People who are type I have lost their beta cells in their pancreas that make insulin, so they have to have insulin injections to live. Type 2 people have lost some ot their beta cells while they were pre-diabetic, but they still make insulin. Insulin's job is to open cell doors so sugar can get into your cells where it burns with air to make energy for you. But with type 2 diabetes, some of the cell doors are resistant, unless you are exercising, and they won't let insulin attach. This is insulin resistance. Then the pancreas puts out more insulin, so you have an excess. I have found that all hormones are controlled by minerals. There are 2 minerals that help control insulin. Chromium Picolinate/Chromium Polynicotinate (either) is 1, and it washes out of your system when your blood sugars are elevated and it needs replacing. 2) Vanadyl Sulfate - this one lowers blood sugar highs and stops lows. So people who are just hypoglycemic and not diabetic can take this and stop hypoglycemia - I am one of these people. If I don't take Vanadyl Sulfate for several weeks, I have lows again. Then there is an herb named Gymnema Sylvestre - it is amazing! It stops you from losing beta cells, which you will continue to do, and restores recently lost ones. you can call me at 503-332-7775 if you like. Yvonne Ferguson"