Like "Hi, I too have just recently been diagnosed on Oct. 31st, 2013! I am headed down the road of gaining knowledge about this Type 2 Diabetes also! I've been reading everything I can get my hands on to educate myself about it and bought my own meter to keep up with my blood sugar numbers without my doctor even telling me to. I was told a few years ago that I had pre-diabetes and then the doc I had at the time got angry when I started trying to educate myself and I stopped. Well, now it's progressed to the stage that I'm OFFICIALLY diagnosed and this time I'm gonna be my own best friend with it and learn all I can whether the doc says to or not! I already have tingling in my legs and feet and blurry vision and I'm gonna try to figure out if I can keep that from progressing any further! I am no expert nor would I push anyone on anything but, to me KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! I'm the only one who knows my own body the best! I hope we can gain knowledge thru this website and books and classes and people together and get ourselves on a right track to live long and healthy as possible lives! Welcome and I hope you'll keep letting us all know how you're doing! :D ~JoanDTx"