Like "HI Joan Welcome to the DC family. You have to go back to being your own advocate and self educate. When I was first diagnosed, my doctor did not give me a meter or tell me about testing my blood. He told me I had to do it and be responsible for that. A coworker had meters as giveaways for a program she had and gave me one. A diabetic coworker taught me how to use it. You have to test your blood sugar so you can track your results. My doctor read my log book and we discussed needed changes. Find a diabetes education class. Some are free. This is Diabetic Awareness month and there may be more of them available depending on where you live. Ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritonist. If he refuses tell him you may have to find a doctor who is willing to work with you. Unfortunately some doctors are not as educated about diabetes as they should be. Remember that this is your health and you are the only one responsible for it. You have to be willing to speak up at the doctors. I test all doctors based on how responsvie they are to my questions. You and your doctor have to be on the same page. I do hope it all comes together for you. Good luck"