Like "Jaydouble is right. Your body is so used to being high that even when it gets down into somewhere close to normal range, it feels like a low. And frankly it is. It's just a low your not used to but it will get better. I've been experiencing blurriness more and more myself. My doctor recommended an eye exam of course and suggested that I may need eyeglasses even sooner than my eye doctor presumed. Not such a bad thing but was hoping that I could prolong that for a few more years. Please don't get discouraged and continue to take care of yourself. I want to say that I can sort of understand because I have been hospitalized a couple of times with bouts of pancreatitis. But it really isn't the same, is it? Speak with your doctor and let him/her know exactly how you feel and don't leave their with questions lingering in your mind or confused about something that was said. Get clear and concise answers so that you can confidently move ahead from there. "