Like "Extremely common, in point of fact. Search for Dr. Cox (originally at U.VA. I believe) and their B.G.A.T. work. Symptoms are NOT the single channel we percieve and wrongly believe them to be. There are a host of parallel symtoms which we can also utilize and tune in given some time... B.G.A.T. stands for Blood Glucose Awareness Training. The symptoms can be reset but requires some counter intuitive acts on your part. Now how many days have you worked there? In that time, how many episodes have you had since day 1 1 in 1,095 (ie 3 years) ??? It would be like fearing a heart attack. Once in a great while they can happen, but she cannot be terrified its gonna with every breath. Take her for drinks, some food, and let her know your love, but nudge her back from that edge. It was spooky, terrifying, but you are alive now. You understand completely her terror. But its time to put it down. "