Like "Hi, I've always been honest with my kids regarding my blood sugar issues. They know that mine is a unique situation fluctuating between lows and highs all the time but they also know that they could go the route of diabetes. They are now 27 and almost 20 and they are both very health oriented. The oldest is a vegetarian because he always felt sick when he ate meat and now that he hasn't eaten it for 8 years he feels better, he still eats eggs, cheese and milk but for some reason can't tolerate meat. I taught them to listen to their bodies and the old rule "garbage in, garbage out", applies to bodies as well as computers. My youngest is studying to be a doctor now and is always interested in what my readings are... He cheers me on if I maintain an even level and don't have any 40's and 50's or any highs. He's learned along with me. We eat organic or at least all natural food and I taught them both how to cook so that they could take care of themselves when they were on their own. If you stay open about it and honest the kids will know it's a part of your life therefore it is a part of their lives. Mine were never scared of Diabetes but they are aware and have made changes in their lives to stay healthy. Neither of them have a drivers license by choice, because it forces them to walk where they want to go.. :) Anyway, as I babble on and on here... the point I'm trying to make is to be open and honest and have facts to prove what you are telling them. Awareness is the first step to preventing an issue.. :) *Judy (JP) "