Like "I to have excepted my health failure and the fact that I will have a shorter life because of it. I am not a health nut. I am a southern girl who LOVES food. I do not mind the fact that I am gaining weight. I do how ever mind the quickness in which I have gained it. I am already limited to what exceries I can so and gaining it so fast has made it even harder. I have been fed up with this CURSE since the day I was told that I had it, but I also knew that I could get it knowing my family history. I am doing what I need to do I just want to slow the process down a bit. Buying new cloths all the time is very pricey. LOL Thank you for being so honest and just reminding how I really feel. I am the same way to other people and it is very rare that I get the same respect back. Maybe I will come up with the next wonder diet. You never know funnier things have happened."