Like "I hate to say it but a good toxin that would make you nauseous for weeks at a time may be the only way. Otherwise, just keep eating a weight loss diet and excercising. If it doesn't work and you get sick and tired of it than do what I was doing--accept it. The worst thing that happens to a person is they die. We all die. Now I'm trying myself to lose weight so I could breathe better and get my a1c down. But I'm not going to fret over it and worry too much as I accept health failure and death as a reality we must all face at one time or another. And once we're gone we can no longer worry. Keep trying but rememeber this thought if and when you get fed up. Diabetes is a curse on all of we indulgent eaters. It is a sentence to self-denial for the rest of our lives and to be without and suffer until the end to keep somewhat healthy."