Like "Hi Lisa, just wondering how you made the switch from fast acting insulin to pork insulin. I managed to order some from Costco as well (I'm currently on NovoRapid) and am wondering how I should make the switch. I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctor, but am adamant to try pork insulin. For the number of years, I have been sleeping 10hrs at night with a nap in the afternoons. I have also found that I have gained a significant amount of weight (20lbs) that I have not been able to lose, despite eating a very healthy vegan diet that consists of 80% raw vegetables, 10% seeds and nuts and oils, and 10% grains such as quinoa or wild rice. I find that when I eat grains or foods high in carbs, I instantly feel tired and have a headache. I avoid all fruits except berries because I can't handle the spike in my blood sugar. Anyway, given all of this, I think I should have no problem losing weight, but it has stayed with me. Did you notice a change in how you felt when you ate foods and/or notice any weight loss?"