Like "I have Celiac disease, and meals certainly can be boring! There is lots to eat when you cook at home, and fresh non-processed stuff and baking your own bread is wonderful-the whole house smells great! However, eating out is a chore, and even though there are gluten free menus now, either the food is pretty limited, or awful, and you do run the chance of cross-contamination! For some of us, even a crumb or two leads to days of sickness. I find that I eat alot of salads if we eat out-and they are all the same and very boring. It is one thing to want to be GF because you have some symptoms that may be helped by eating that way, but for those of us who need it to live, it can be very boring-there is little adventure in being GF to live day after day. It is especially difficult when you work all day, and have to commute! There is little time for good cooking most days. Lately I eat Chex GF cereal with almond milk, and that does it for me. I really miss lots of the foods I used to be able to eat, but I don't miss the sick feeling I always got. I cannot understand why people think being GF is so wonderful if you don't have to be-it is extremely expensive and not wonderful. I think a better choice would be just to eat healthfully all the time. There are many foods that are good and healthy and not GF and the variety is amazing! There-off my soapbox now!! :)"