Like "okay, you are pulling my heart strings. Let me see if I can offer some advice. I have been recently diagnosed as well and am struggling and getting fatter by the day. wanted to give up too. but I found some cut dry info that may help. and I mean help us both. we can do this! let me give it a shot and you see if you are able to follow this plan. I hope it helps! (us both!) here it goes. ok I have learned TODAY ACTUALLY more than what my dr's were telling me. Drink a 8oz glass of water before and after every meal. 45 grams of carbs per meal. (based on 3 meals a day) 15 grams of carbs for snacks ( based on 2 a day) give 3 hours between each time you eat ex: breakfast @ 8am=45 gram carbs snack @11am=15gram carbs Lunch @2pm=45gram carbs Dinner @5pm45gram carbs Snack @8 PM15gram carbs Do Not Eat after your 8pm snack and try to keep your snacks at about 100-150 calories and 15 or so carbs. try to exercise after every meal for about 5-10 minutes. that includes after snacks too. we can do this girl! lets take control of this monster!.:)"