Like "Thanks for the link. I am afraid that I would be afraid to take the pills that site recommends. And you are right, If it was just calorie cutting issues that I had control over there would be no need for the product. I know people like me are often just looking for something to help jump start things. I have lost a lot of weight, but I need to loose more and I feel stagnant. Specially since starting insulin, I have seen some come back, which horrifies me. I've upped my exercise, tried to cut my carbs more and my portion sizes, but it doesn't seem to want to come off. It's been frustrating. The diet is not just the powder. It is two per day in the first part of the effort, but after that, it's meals, the drink and so on. I just found it funny that it was waving in my face in so many places when I had never heard of it before. Specially being advertized in Diabetes Living magazine."