Like "When I was younger my grandmother became ill and thought she was having a heart attack from the pain she was having, turned out she had gall stones and they put her in the hospital to remove them, while in recovery they discovered she was diabetic (type 2), her father and his father had also suffered from type 2, while in the hospital she developed gangrene in her foot and they amputated the leg just below the knee, this was my first experience of what diabetes can do to a person and scared me. my grandmother was always a very independent person and when they told her what they had had to do she died 2 days later, there was no reason for her to die other than they felt, and so did the family, that she willed herself to die, she felt that without that leg she was not going to be the person she once was, this was in the late 80's. I wish I could remember the details of how the infection started and was discovered and why they amputated so quickly after discovery, however my father didn't ever want to discuss it and he too has now passed away, he was type 2 also, suffering congestive heart failure, he was on a transplant list but by the time his name came to the top his other organs were already failing, he passed away in his mid 50s, my grandmother was in her early 70s. My father also did not know he had diabetes until he suffered a heart attack due to carbon monoxide poisoning, he was in his early 40s when diagnosed. I was a few months from turning 33 when I was diagnosed and I actually went to the doctor and told them I thought I should be checked, after watching my father and what he'd said and felt while diabetic i knew the signs and symptoms, sure enough I was right, and they diagnosed me with Type 2 also. Our daughter, who turned 7 in July 08 has now also been diagnosed, however they feel it is due to her auto-immune failure. Had that not been the trigger for her I cannot say whether she would have gotten diabetes, but I also fear that due to the way she got it that one of my other kids may still be apt to get it as well."