Like "Nick has an excellent response as usual. You have to be committed to staying on track and over time it will become routine because it is a part of your lifestyle. If you have siblings who are T-2, talk to them and become supportive of each other. This will help you. For me the more I educated myself, the less overwhelmed I became because I began to better care for my diabetes. Sometimes people with diabetes are overwhelmed because they are too focused on the disease, want to talk about it all the time and forget that they can still have fun doing things they enjoy. Try keeping a journal. Sometimes writting down your feelings, your dreams or wishes or goals can take the pressure off feeling alone. One day when you go back and read it you may wonder how you could possilby have had those feelings. It is okay to slide now and then as long as you get right back on track. It is human nature to slide from time to time. Don't get disappointed because you fell off track. Never be hard on yourself. Good Luck "