Like "First off don't freak out stay calm and don't get overwhelmed by all the stuff you will read on the internet and what ever you do don't fall prey to some snake charmers miracle "cure".There is a lot of good info out there on how to keep your numbers inline, but the BEST thing you can do for yourself is make an appointment with a endocrinologist . It wasn't until I seen one that all my BG and A1C numbers were where they needed to be, He even got me off insulin and controlled it with oral meds.The one thing I will tell you up front is that the meds and test strips are expensive every company out there will give you there meter for free because they know without there test strips its useless (check out walmart brand test strips are a fraction of name brand and do the same job) and for your meds if you don't have insurance, Check out Need Meds or (Partnership for Prescription Assistance) They are both great resources for uninsured and underinsured I hope this helped you "