Like "The best way to deal with diabetes is to exercise, see a dietician to find out what is and isn't good to eat and follow it. Visit an endocrinologist to have your care monitored. They are the experts on diabetes. Please treat your diabetes. I have watched my father over the years not follow the diet, he went through all the meds, he is now a kidney patient who has only about 20% function left. Not to mention all the other problems that diabetes causes. He has high blood pressure which caused capillary leaks in his eyes, had a heart attack which has left him very weak, he has dementia and alzheimers. If you have any excess weight to lose, I recommend doing that as well, that will help to resolve the diabetes (remission). I too am a diabetic and my doctors have all told me if I lose the excess weight that I will likely come off of all my meds and the diabetes will likely resolve. Do your research, visit a specialist, and follow orders by doctors. It can literally save your life. Diabetes is an insidious disease that causes more health problems. "