Like "1. Diabetes can be controlled. It takes the usual "up front work" to get your diet and numbers going in the right direction. Carbs & Calories are both important, for different reasons. Learn about them. 2. Regard this as a "challenge" that can be overcome. Life can be good, it just take a bit of work to get there. 3. Talk with your doctor. Then go online and get info. 4. NOTE: The downsides of NOT taking care of this disease are real. Learn what they are. Understand the ramifications of NOT making good choices. 5. If none of your current friends/family have diabetes, find a new friend to "talk diabetes" with. They will be happy to help you get started and continue to be successful. 6. What you do and how you do it regarding diet and exercise is Your Choice. Make it an Informed Choice! 7. Life is Good. Life with controlled Diabetes is Great. Knowledge is Power - read and discuss what you've read. Best wishes for a healthier, happier future!"