Like "I was told in 2005 that I had type 2 diabetes. In March 2006 I had the bariatric sleeve done and lost a lot of weight. I had gain a lot of weight due to a accident that force me to lay in a bed for almost two years ( bed riddened). When I had the surgery I was shocked to hear that the diabetes was completely gone. However once I lost a lot of weight the weight losing came to a slow halt. I remained at the same weight for about 3 years, then my feet started feeling strange and I went to see my Dr. and she told me that the diabetes came back. I was so upset and discouraged. Now Im in my 60's and they tell me that theres a new procedure in the same line of bariatric surgery that I can go through, it's something like pyn or something and they said I should go through it. Well sadly to say the 1st surgery was really hard on me to the point that I almost passed away. Needless to say I dont think I will go through that surgery at my age, I want to but Im really scared. I will say that taking the meds is keeping my numbers down but the pain in my feet gets worse year after year, right now the pain is to the point where I can hardly walk and they yell at me for not walking but I can only take so much pain..I would say if you are over weight with type 2 go check into the surgery. I know 3 friends that have done it (much younger then me) and their diabetes has left their body completely. the one lady has been diabetes free now for over 5 years and she thanks the surgery for tha, she has also dropped over 150lbs... just something for you all to think about.. have a great day "