Like "I found out a month ago I was type two. once you have it you have it for life from what i'm understanding, but you can live very comfortably with it,, when you stick your fingers do it on the side of your finger it's less painful and some days no pain at all, you can stick your arm i've heard there's no pain with that.. as far as food, lots of protein, just remember very low carbs very low sugars,, when reading the labels 1 carb = 15 grams, depending on what your doctor tells you it's 1-3 carbs a meal. some of the things I have found that work are Atkins protein shakes help fight off hunger, Dannon fit and light Greek yogurt has the lowest sugars and carbs. Flatout wraps are awesome, you can make pizza or just a yummy wrap, the spinach has the lowest carbs. but they come in different flavors. Exercise helps too... I don't know what your BG numbers are but for me I tested at 300 and am now in the 100-170's I don't take the meds because of the side effects are too much to handle.. Talk to your Doctor and your nutritionist they can help give you a plan to get you going... I wish you lots of luck, it's hard at first and so confusing. but after a month I feel I'm on the right track,, and losing weight is always a bonus.. "