Like "Hello Kelli50! I am a dibetic driver also. I was informed in 2005 and weighed 250 with a blood glocuse reading of 243 at physical. This past February one week after passing my physical and weighing in at 212 pounds I had a heart attack. The sad part was my numbers were normal. In April I had bypass surgery and today I weigh 183 pounds. My a1c was also 6.5. I walk and dance for excersise, eat more vegetable and try and stay away from read meat as much as possible. I have found that a little peanut butter before bed helps to keep my blood sugar from spiking or dipping to low over night. I don't eat much fried food but maybe twice a month. You have to treat yourself once in awhile or go crazy. I prefer to use stevia as a sweetener and I can't wait to try monk fruit. Wal*Mart has rotiss chicken as well as Kroger. Kroger also has baked chicken. Eat you green leafy vegetable, fish. Eat you food cooked anyway but fried i.e., baked, broiled, steamed. Make sure your body is not low in magnesium, chromium, manganese. Eat your fruits also. Love's has cups of celery and carrots. Cinnamon can help control blood sugar in some people. Drink plenty of water so yu won't become dehydrated. Dehydration cause the blood to becom thicker and that causes blood pressure and blood sugar to be higher. My best to you..."