Like "Yeah, I grew up with the food pyramid too. Funny thing was my parents never fed me from it, and once I reached college age, a balanced meal meant I had tomato on my burger. I think the last time we were healthy as a country was the 1950’s, and food may not have changed much since then, but we definitely changed how we get it into us. One of my habits is on the weekends, I spend some extra time in the kitchen cutting up veggies and making extra meats and such I can cut up for a “salad bar” during the week. I grilled up some chicken on Sunday and made sure we had extras that I can use just chopped, or I can quickly mix as chicken salad, stir fry, or even a quick chicken veg soup. All the prep is already done, and I can just snack on the “parts” or take time to combine them into a meal. Experimentation is the fun part of it! "