Like "This won’t answer your question, so sorry about that up front. We tend to get a bit hung up on following a set meal pattern when we really don’t have to. I mean you don’t burn the 400+ calories you take in at set times, why do you feel you need to eat them at set times? If you’ve got the two important meals figured out – breakfast to start your day/recovering from your overnight “fast”, and diner to keep you nourished while you sleep – everything in between is just “fuel as needed”. In other words, eat if you’re hungry, it doesn’t need to be a “meal”. If you’re as busy as you sound, pop a few handfuls of unsalted nuts – that’s at least good for an hour or two. Later, if you’re near the fridge, slap a slice of ham on a lettuce leaf and move on to the next chore (don’t forget the mustard). Those little single-serve cups of cottage cheese are great protein too around 3:00 (which should get you to dinner), and by keeping it light and “as-needed” during the day, you don’t get the before lunch hunger pangs and after lunch lags. You stay sharp all day. Try it for a week. Eat your breakfast, then go until you feel hungry. At that point, just eat enough to quell the feeling, no matter what time it is, then go again until you feel the need to eat again. For me this keeps my BG’s pretty level throughout the day because I’m not spiking them with meals and dropping 30-40 points a few hours after. If I do it right, I can maintain a 86-100 mg/dl all day. Just my 2 cents. "