Like "I have never heard of a cure because there isn't one. You can go into remission but no one knows how long that can last. You can get to the point where you don't have to test or take meds but you will never be able to eat like you did before becoming diabetic. You don't have to eat practically nothing, you have to eat healthier. Talk to a nutritionist, who can help you eat healthier foods. I only eat practically nothing when the weather here is too hot and humid that I dont' want to eat full meals so I might eat 6 small one. Diabeties requires perseverance, and dedication. You have to want to get better control of your disease and lower the numbers and try to be in control. You can also test on your arm, ask your doctor about that and then get the lancing device that has the head for testing on the arm. I alternate between fingers and arm with no problems. "