Like "you don't have to go hungry, have not read other responses yet, but there is no one cured. There are many who go into a remission, for who knows how long, varies from one person to the next. I am in remission I consider myself to be, because my last A1C was 5.3 and the one before that, about a year or so before that one was 5.4 right now I control by diet and exercise, so this can be done, but...not for everyone, we are all different. I think the reason I am doing so well now (diagnosed in 2008) is because it was caught early. now early does not mean that everything does not apply to me, it does. the diabetes educators told me that, after I got off the pills and called them and asked more questions, after my classes, because during the classes, I was on pills. those that are diagnosed early, and doing well for a long time, I doubt they can stay that way for very many years, but who knows, perhaps some can, but is a"progressive" for everyone. Most especially the longer you have it the more likely A1C goes up , BS goes up,but normal for A1C to go up and down and vary a lot."