Like "What a great discussion! I am so pleased to read all the responses. Early on, I asked my doctor if I could overcome this. He looked at me like I was an alien with 3 heads. So, I guess not. However, as so many responses to this post indicated, with diligence, it can be controlled. I am working towards that. Not only do I not like the "blood letting" and shooting up of the insulin, I simply cannot afford this disease. I am taking as much care of myself now as I do of my cat.....I am learning to love myself. (You know that airline advise, "Put the air mask over your face first".) I have learned that my well being comes is difficult, however, it becomes less difficult as time goes by. Do I want/need all that ice cream? Or all those cookies? No. Have I learned to enjoy vegetables and hi fibers, Yep. Hang in there! Stick with the board. You will enjoy food in a way you never imagined!!! I did the "eat nothing" thing for a while....I was so afraid of food....uhm, not the way to go. I melted down to nothing.....people who have known me for years didn't recognize me! But, now, with some time, knowledge and experience under my belt, I am getting on track....Bless you....hang in there...we are all here for each other! You came to the right place!"