Like "AG1980, Welcome to DC. I have had Type2 for about 5 years now. However, I have gained some pretty good control over my BS by making life style changes. First off, I learned that my original life style probably contributed to it. I now exercise regularly, cut out snacking, avoid foods made with high fructose corn syrup, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. It took some time, about 3 years, but slowly control came, with less and less big spikes. I now spike at about 200 at about 20 minutes after meal time and in a bout an hour, it drops back to around 140 or less. I use both Victosa, (once a day) and one 500 mg. tablet of Metformin once a day. OH, I stick myself only once every other day now and at different times just as a check. I really attribute this to my endocrinologist. He is very aggressive in his treatment and also in his patient participation expectations. I originally saw him every two weeks for my first year, along with his nutritionist. My A1c originally was 11.7, today it fluctuates between 5.1 and 5.4. I really see it as a re-education rather than a battle. What I learned mainly is that many things can contribute to the onset of the disease, i.e.., genetics, lifestyle, diet and habits and also illness. But through education and a little work you can still live a really normal life. I eat cake and ice cream, but now it is one or the other and just enough to be able to feel that I didn't deprive myself. I am actually looking forward to my next Doctors visit, we are going to see if I can reduce my Victosa dosage from 6mg. Please be patient. Progress may seem slow, but as your body adapts to treatment, so will you. Look for ways for you to set goals and milestones. Celebrate success no matter how big or how small. "