Like "My schedule is supposed to be I work nights from 10 pm to 6 am. However, I end up working an odd 6 am to 2 pm or 2 pm to 10 pm shift. Or, am held over for 1 to 8 hours at the end of my shift. Or, work an extra 1 to 8 hours before my usual shift. So, randomness happens. I usually make sure and eat small snacks throughout whatever my awake hours are, around every 2 -4 hours. The snack can be a handful of nuts, some string cheese, a yogurt, etc. Also some veggies and peanut butter. Then when I get a chance for a regular meal it might be in the morning when I get off from work, or after I wake up, or whenever I can fit it in. My BG seems to be OK with the random switches. Just have to make sure I don't forget to eat. A few times on my nights off I went a little low because I forgot to eat. I seem to watch a bit more carefully while at work because I don't want to go low when I am busy with a resident. When I was out in the truck I usually started our day (or night) with applesauce, string cheese and some nuts. I could munch on them as we rolled along. I also kept small snacks handy to grab for when dispatch would suddenly find a load and we had to get moving right then and there was no time to fix a meal."