Like "Cured? Well, there’s debate if that’s possible. Reversed, in remission, beaten? That depends on your particular “brand’ of diabetes. If its a physiological problem that brought it on, like pancreatitis or insulin resistance, then maybe not. However, if you’re lucky and it’s just a case of crappy diet like me, then yes. But another “however”, you can’t just assume it’s gone. You do need to stay on a reasonably healthy diet and get exercise – which we should do anyway. I was dx’d in 2007 and have kept my A1c below 6 for about 5 years now without meds. According to my doctor, I no longer need to test – but I still do. I follow a strict diet, and by that I mean it’s not a case of not eating, just being pretty selective of what I put in my mouth and how often. If I went back to my old diet, my numbers would probably creep back up again, but I would be physically sick if I did it. I have “experimented” by going back and having a meal or two that was “old diet” and my body seems to react better to it than it had before, so there may be some hope of repair, but I’m living life too well now to even think about screwing it up. Just my experience-your mileage may vary. That help any? "