Like "A very good question indeed! Diabetes has opened my eyes towards taking better care of myself not because i want to, but rather because i must do so! Sometimes we take things for granted in our youth (i did) I was young, strong, cocky and thought that i could do it all, and i could, but then one day, "BANG"...Diabetes! I don't want diabetes but i have it, and i must do what i must do to manage it, it may get a little tough at times but knowing what must be done, doing it, helping others and being a means of support for others makes a part of my life worthwhile. Diabetes has made me more compassionate towards others mainly because if i can help ease the pain and the fears associated with diabetes (in others) by helping to educating them, they in turn may help others in some way, shape or form. In short, having diabetes has made me an ambassador of sort, for a good cause!"