Like "Jeanette, Diabetes as with anything in life is only hard to live with if you choose to make it hard. I choose not to make anything in my life hard. I have had enough of that to last a lifetime. You can't look at diabetes as an obstacle or you could put yourself in a rut that will be very hard to climb out. You have to be foward thinking and live for the here and now and plan things for your future. Diabetes is only limiting if you choose to make it a limit. In a sense diabetes has been a blessing to me. It has caused me to look at all the things I was eating that I thought were the greatest invention since the remote control. I always thought as a non diabetic that I could never live with it. I could not give up all the goodies I enjoyed. Today, I honestly can say I don't miss late night cookies or cake with a soda and a book or tv. Mashed potatoes and rice smothered in gravey with something fried. I learned that with modifications, I can have some mashed potatoes, and rice with gravey or a piece of fried chicken from time to time. I can have a cookie or a small candy bar. I don't have to supersize things to get my sugar fix. Eating healthy has been a plus for me. Without being diagnosed, I would more than likely have not changed my eating habits. I would not be out taking a walk everyday. I would not be reading labels in the supermarket and I definitely would not be paying any attention to serving sizes. It has definitely made me more responsible when it comes to my health. I had to relearn everyting I had learned about foods and how eating the correct foods with the correct amounts will benefit me even if I were not diabetic. It does not bother me being diabetic. I don't mind testing and taking the meds and keeping track of my results. Like you it has made me more organized. When you focus on what is positive with diabetes and life, the negatives won't matter at all. You have to choose to live and be happy with what you have now and not worry about what could have been. Should've, would've, could've is hindsight and hindsight is 20/20. Look to the future and say 'I CAN" and life will become a pleasure for you and those around you. "