Like "so far since I am not on insulin there is no financial burden, and our insurance pays for most of my test strips but there has been a strain because he is no longer sympathetic toward me about this at all, only very briefly in the beginning, but I am learning to get over that. he went to 2 our of my 4 classes and learned a lot about it, so I thought he would always take it seriously, but I do so well that he does not!! he makes me angry when he says, oh eat some more of this or that, it won't hurt you!! how ignorant. you would think someone who went to two classes ,and heard me say so much about it in the beginning, would not make such comments. he is alwys saying for me to stop worrying and fussing over what I eat!!! so in that way, it has harmed my marriage. But not enough for us to separate or cause major problem, but to me, this is a problem. he does not understand, we can not expect our spouses to understand. we need to be our own advocates and nt depend on them , if we have one that is like mine, just need to get over it and do the best we can and make freinds who have diabetes that truly understand cause the spouse gets sick of it"