Like "I'd like them to taste like a filet mignon! Seriously, quite a bit of good info and advice. I had no idea that you were so familiar with raising goats. I've already started working on my wife. She's thinking a couple chickens and a rooster might be ok. I'm thinking they might attract snakes, so a goat would be better. Plenty of time to decide. Meanwhile, we still have the American Staffordshire Terrier, and she loves chicken. Not so sure about letting her tangle with a goat. Off the subject, my wife was out on the porch the other night observing a frog climbing up the wall of the house. Suddenly, something swooped down out of the darkness, over her shoulder and the frog was gone. All that was left was a big poop on the porch. My wife quickly entered the house obviously very upset and told me what happened. I reminded her that there are owls in the woods next to us, and more then likely, that's what it was. Very, very strange, yet so cool!"