Like "Depends on how you want them to taste! For the older ones, we did a mix of Purina Goat Chow and alfalfa in summer and chow and “chaffhay” (chopped up early alfalfa, a bit of molasses and an added culture) in winter. The younger ones got mostly pelletized whole grains, and the ladies got a special mix during baby time depending on how they were doing. They eat like deer – munching woody stuff and brush – rather than like cows who graze grass and munch it down to the root. You can train them to graze (ours seemed really fond of clover), and that old tale of them eating just about anything is partly true. While I never saw them eat a tin can, I did see them eat paper egg cartons, shipping boxes (don’t let FedEx leave boxes on your porch if you have free roam goats), phone books, and an occasional fruit crate. They are fun critters and have personalities just like dogs."