Like "Maybe I shouldn't have read this as I am trying to unwind before going to sleep. Since I have had weird allergic reactions to foods, I am usually an avid label reader. For a while I could tell in the first tiny taste of some beef if I should avoid more of it. I would go from a fairly calm and reasonable person to an extremely paranoid person within 30 minutes. Resorted to an almost fetal position while chanting "They are out to get me". Then 2 hours later be myself again. Do not know what the reaction was caused by, I just guessed it was something they either fed tor treated he cattle. It only happened with meat from a certain packing house and not all their meat. Possibly could be penicillin, whenever I have taken a 14 day course of penicillin I become slightly paranoid and depressed by day 5. Fighting the urge to research arsenic poisoning, I used a free chicken biscuit coupon for breakfast, ate the chicken and hubby tried the biscuit. Oh, and remember not all organic foods are always safe. Just the other week wasn't their some sort of health crisis because of contaminated organic frozen fruit."