Like "Thank you. Yeah I totally agree on it being hard. And when I do slip up I can't confide in those around me because they just have nasty comments. And when I get back on track and I have my bad days from starting my meds again I just get more snide comments when I complain of how I am feeling. I am happy to say I too have also lost weight, 43 lbs so far. Right now I back at day 1 after another slip, so the effects from my shot r really weighing on me. I have been feeling nauseated all day long but I have been putting on a smile for my little ones. Even though its been awhile since I was diagnosed I still don't want to accept it. I hate that I always get the crap in my family. I still hope to wake up from this bad dream but I know that's not going to happen. But thanks for ur kind words."