Like "Someone on another site asked me to do this for them and I tried for 3 days and realized this person wanted to do nothing for herself and did not take her diabetes seriously. She thought it was a game she could play. She told me her mother told her to grow up and all of her support systems abandoned her. The last thing she told me was that her grandmother told her that she had to stop going through life expecting people to take care of her disease and told her to not ask her to remind her to eat, take her meds to test her sugar or to tell her not to eat candy, cakes or cookies. I ended up letting her know I would no longer be her crutch and to learn to take care of herself. Two months later she emailed and told me she was in the hospital for two weeks because she didn’t want to take responsibility for her disease and that her parent’s friends and family members refused to help her when she was discharged. They were sick and tired of her irresponsible and immature behavior. She was 45 years old. She said she learned a valuable lesson and was now doing what she knew she needed to do all along. She was forced to grow up and be responsible for her disease. "