Like "One thing I can tell you is my hubby who passed away in 2004 was diagnosed in 1984. He was a Type l . He out lived most of his diseases. Our son was 1 when he ended up in the hospital because he blacked out while driving the semi into the yard. Our daughter was 4 yrs.,and she often asked me if Daddy was dying. IT was a struggle as a family but we all got educated and it does take the family to help with this disease. It is a hard disease for anyone to cope with and back then we didn't have access to forums like this one. My daughter got so good at telling people why her Daddy needed some orange juice or his glucose tabs. She knew where they were in all the vehicles and in the house. She knew her address and we set up a sheet of paper for her to tell the 911 operators who we were, where to come and she knew to stay on the line. You will get back on track and with Gods help and your families help and love everything will work out. I worked days and he worked nights....we shared babysitting duties because we were barely making ends meet. But, it all was worth it. I think we all got closer. "