Like "Yes they are .... They happen to be good for all .... Yet if you are eating the seeds straight experts say no more then one ounce a day .... That being because they are very HIGH in fiber and too much will end up causing you stomach upset . Experts also say they r not nutrious enough to use as a meal replacement but great as an additive to meals in just about everything .... I recently saw a man demonstrating how to use a Vita-mix blender in Costco .... He was adding chia seeds to the smoothies .... Costco happens to sell Chia seeds .... So if you're looking for a good source of omega 3 fat well , chia seeds / products are an excellent source .... Back to your question , sure they're good for diabetics 1 & 2 just in moderation ..... If need more info just Google " Chia " ....."