Like "I have a comment on what KD just said. While I know this site is supposed to be diabetes related, we as diabetics do not want our disease pushed down our throats all the time. I personally know what I should do and offer my advice to many. But I also like being on here and knowing what others with my same problems are doing with their lives. Is there someone that plays games like me, or is there someone that watches the same show as I do. Or just knowing what kind of weather people are dealing with is of interest to me. I may be weird but I am a people person. I also chat with people on Pogo to see how they are or where they live. So my point is, we are a diabetic site but daily lives is part of our diabetes too. So I can be all diabetic all the time but I like the daily life issues too that are not realted to my ongoing disease. I hope this made sense to some."