Like "IronOre - There's nothing at all wrong with disagreeing with (or attacking, as you put it in another reply) the political views of a charitable organization or the organization itself. I don't quibble about the rights of people to spend their time, energy, etc. any way they want. And that goes double for how people choose to donate their money. I think I have been abundantly clear about my intentions and the issues raised with my original post, it's up to the reader/respondent to make their decision. I certainly wouldn't attempt to coerce anyone into doing anything they don't want to, likewise, I would expect that if someone doesn't want to make a donation in support of what I'm doing, don't - but then why don't you just move along and/or leave it alone? It's like turning off the television when you are viewing something you don't care to see, or perhaps being thankful for not donating to that "pink" group. People have their reasons for what they do or don't do...I haven't said a thing to suggest otherwise. Actually, now that I have reread your responses in this thread, I'm realizing that you haven't really absorbed anything I've said at all here, IronOre. I never once said that what I'm doing is 'merely' "giving to diabetes"...that comment doesn't make any sense, and I know for a fact that I'm imminently sensible, so nope, that wasn't me. Okay, so now that I've fended off your attempts to engage me in absurdist discourse, I will conclude this reply by telling you that I find your last comment completely laughable, and if you had done any actual research into the allocation of funds by the ADA, specifically related to the Tour de Cure, you'd know how it works and why your ridiculous question doesn't even deserve a response from me...well, except for the laughter - thanks, I can always use a good chuckle! "