Like "Hi everybody. I had encephalitis and polio and gout when I was younger. And yes I had to take things very easy. I had to set on the side lines when kids were playing baseball etc. because I could not take a chance on breaking a frail leg or arm. Snd of course no one wanted to have a crippled kid on their team. When I was 45 years old I was told I had diabeties. I thought I was going to die. Then after a while I was busy with life,working long hours at work etc,and didn't pay a lot of attention to my dicease. I then saw a story on the internet which described the problems one can get if he does not take care of this dicease. I was totally scared. You can loose your feet,have heart attacks etc. I then found a good indocraine doctor who just happened to have diabeties as well. Bad for him but good for me. And he knew my doctor whom I am seeing now. They are very good doctors. I now take very good care of my sugars,eat well and get plenty of exercise. Exercise-exercise-exerciseis the kee to beating diabeties. I am 59 years old. And even with all my disabilities I still go out and walk everyday. In the last five months I have cut and split by hand 6 cords of oak wood. Yes I have to stop often and rest and set because of severe pain in my hips from polio,but I enjoy cutting wood. I have been cutting wood since I was thirteen years old. The very next day that I was out of the hospital I stood in snow up to my waste and helped my father cut wood. My a1c for the pass twelve months has been a 6. This is perfect. So my point is get your kids out and let them exercise. Swimming is an excellent exercise. If you get your doctor to write a prescription the insurance will pay for most of the cost. Also for anyone who has pain in their feet(called nurapathy),there is a treatment for this problem which willy works. I had this problem several years ago and happened to see an advertiseman which showed an operation for this. The surgeon will go in different parts of your feet and legs and arms and hands,depending where the problem exists. He then cleans the fatty tissue which has gathered around the nerves. This allows the flow of blood back to these nerves ending the pain. I had the pain in my feet so bad I could not hardly walk. But now I am just fine. The pain was gone in twenty four hours or less. No pain from the operations either. The doctor in Charlottesville,Virginia was a perfectionist and learned to do this at John Hopkins. His name is Dr. Desabatos.A very good caring doctor."